Thank you for considering us as the photography studio to create your portrait. Having a portrait taken is a very important investment for you, your family and friends. If you properly plan out your session it can be a fun and exciting experience as well.

In order to help make your portrait a success, give us a call
(732) 333-0804 or email us to discuss, together, the various aspects of your portrait. We are willing to take the time to learn about you, and then interpret your feelings and personality to create a unique portrait.

We can help you with clothing, backgrounds and general concepts. This will insure that the portraits are going to be meaningful to you, and something that will become a treasured keepsake. From time to time we run specials, so be sure to ask if there are any going on now.
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We alson have a wonderful “VIP Portrait Club”! Sign up and we will send you information that will help you to discover what is most important to you about your portrait, using portraiture as decor, clothing and location tips. Plus you will receive a certificate for 20% your session fee and ALL future orders.

PLUS – Click on the photographs to See And Hear From Families Who Have Had Their Lives Forever Enriched By the Lasting Memories Of a Galis Portrait, but There Were Things Even They Didn’t Know When They Started Looking For A Photographer...

Even the people in these photographs - who now know how priceless their portraits are to them - they didn’t even realize what to look for in a photographer before they called for the first time. Take a look at their photographs as you read this. Click on the photographs and read - in their words - to see what their experiences were like. None of them were paid anything to say what they’ve said, and their words may put some things in perspective for you.

Maybe you’ve already made the decision to have a portrait created. Well, that’s great - you will probably never make a decision that will bring you more lasting joy. Or, maybe you’re just thinking about the idea, and would like to know what to look for. You may feel that having a portrait done is going to be a lot of work on your part. Well, it isn’t! With our help, it won’t be any work at all on your part.

You May Be Wondering --- What Should I Look For In A Portrait Photographer? Well, There Are 7 Things, And They Are All VITALLY Important. Click here to read more!